All things GOLD!


Ok, so here’s the scoop, gold will NEVER go out of style. Whether it’s home decor, jewelry, or paper products, you can never go wrong with adding a little touch of gold for a classy and sophisticated look! I love all things gold and I’m here to show you THREE ways I add them to my stationery work that’s different from gold foiling -- which can be expensive and not as versatile!



Inkakinkado Embossing Magic
Stamps + Ink Pads or Embossing Pen
Heat Gun
Embossing powder - My favorite: Princess Gold

This is basically like gold foiling but the art work is raised a bit and the process is a little messier :P . I love using the embossing technique for a quick added sparkle to DIY gift tags, or cards.

  1. Clean the paper surface with the Inkakinkado pad. This helps remove static to avoid embossing where you don’t want it.

  2. You can use a stamp, or a special brush pen to put ink on the paper.

  3. Quickly, pour the embossing powder over the ink. The ink acts as a binder. Then shake off the excess on a piece of paper (or coffee filter to easily put the excess back in the container).

  4. Then turn on your heat tool, disperse the heat on the embossing powder (make sure you are holding the paper so that it doesn’t blow away and that your fingers are away from the heat. Don’t burn yourself!), and then watch the magic happen! As you heat up the powder, it will start to melt and then solidify back into a smooth shiny gold layer.


Next, we’re getting extra fancy and romantic with adding gold gilding flakes to projects. This method adds a more loose, abstract, and modern look to your paper goods. I love using this method for place cards, wax seals, greeting cards, invitations, etc.

Nuvo Gilding Flakes
Any adhesive (my choice Sakura Quickie Glue Pen)

Steps for paper:

  1. Add adhesive where you want the gold flakes to cover.

  2. Quickly add the flakes over the paper (Tip: Use tweezers to prevent the flakes from sticking to your fingers) and gently press them. You can use your fingers, a paper towel, or a sponge to brush away the excess flakes for a rustic look.

For wax seals: Use your usual wax seal materials and process, but add the gold gilding flakes before you stamp it!



There are a variety of ways to use your lettering skills to incorporate gold. This is perfect for DIY wedding/event projects!

My go-to mediums:
Calligraphy ink: Dr. Ph Martin Copperplate Gold
Gel Pen: Gelly Roll Pen
Watercolor: Kuretake Gansai Tambi Starry Colors

centerset gala-centerset gala-0003.jpg

Please let me know what you’re excited to use and/or any questions you may have by commenting below!

Happy Crafting!